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New Year, New Listing?

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Here we are… 2018! Another new year ticks over, and I think we’re all finally past the usual over-indulgence of the holidays!

It’s also the time of year when people kick off their property search, or even follow up on the properties they wanted to see before Christmas but didn’t want to move on. Vendors will be frantically tidying away the Christmas decorations and preparing for viewings or even listing their property for the first time.

So how can you, as a vendor, improve your chances of achieving a sale in the flurry of January? Here’s my top tips to help you!

Reshoot to reboot

Take a look outside! Is it beautifully sunny and crisp? It is right now whilst I’m writing this! And the light we get on these cold crisp days is amazing. Get your agent to reshoot the photographs of your property. Try something new in a room or rearrange some furniture. Buyers will see the changes instead of scrolling past your outdated photographs and listing, and in turn they’re more likely to want to see more information or book a viewing.

Price check on aisle 3

One of the best ways of being at the top of a search page on the property portals is being at the right price. Revisit your asking price and think about whether or not it could benefit from being £299,995 instead of £310,000 (just an example). That in turn will show your property on the search list for everyone searching for a maximum price of £300,000, rather than the bottom of a maximum of £325,000.

Retreat to win

As counterintuitive as it may sound, sometimes the best thing to do is take the property off the market for a little while. Buyers hate stale listings that they’ve seen in their searches over and over again. Instead of just leaving it there, take it down and relist in a few weeks. Heck, maybe even try a new agent (we’re a great start!) with some fresh ideas or better marketing tools.

I hope that gives you some food for thought during January, and that you can get the sale you want!

Get in touch with us to see what we can offer and how we could help you beat the January blues!

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